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ReadyCOLLECT for Association Managers

Manage In-House Collections Process with ReadyRESALE Collections Software

Through its interface with industry leading TOPS Condo/HOA Management Software, ReadyCOLLECT can automate the collections process allowing your company to manage more of the collections process in-house which will help you reduce costs and improve your customer service. The superior integration and automation will allow you to manage more active collections with less internal resources as well as provide better communication back to your Homeowners and Boards.

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The online client portal gives the ability for managers to log into their associations to get up-to-the-minute case statuses and reports. No longer will managers have to call their law firms for updates or wait for month end reports that could be out of sync with the latest information.

Because ReadyCOLLECT uses secure SSL encryption and role based security, you can be sure your company and client information is safe. ReadyCOLLECT is hosted in a secure datacenter that has multiple internet connections, with back up power supplies and monitored 24x7x365, you can be sure your data is safe and available. ReadyCOLLECT will be the competitive advantage you have been looking for in that it will allow you to increase your customer service while reducing your internal costs. Let technology automate the collections process and free your staff to help you grow your business.

ReadyCOLLECT: Brings the Attorney, Association Manager, and Community Board Member together by revolutionizing the process of collecting delinquent community association assessments.


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