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Attorney Benefits:

ReadyCOLLECT is a secure, internet based application that automates many of the repetitive tasks that are part of association collections. ReadyCOLLECT is ideal for either Home Owners Association or Condominium Association collections, and will greatly reduce the time spent managing the collection process, while providing more accurate and timely information for your clients.

Consolidation: ReadyCOLLECT will consolidate all of your collections information into a single system allowing you to automate the majority of the routine collections tasks. ReadyCOLLECT will manage resident information, manage all letters and documents, and share data with leading Association Management Company Software packages.

Automation: ReadyCOLLECT automates many of the repetitive tasks that are part of association collections. ReadyCOLLECT automates the creation of collection letters, liens, pleadings or any other document associated with the collections process.

Security: ReadyCOLLECT uses role based security and SSL encryption ensuring the integrity and safety of your important information. ReadyCOLLECT is hosted in a secure datacenter that has multiple internet connections, back up power supplies, and is monitored 24x7x365. You can be sure your data is safe and available.

Access 24/7: ReadyCOLLECT provides access to collections information for multiple users with no specific hardware, software or license requirements. ReadyCOLLECT encrypts and protects your data, and uses role based security to insure only the people you give access to will be allowed into the system. ReadyCOLLECT is available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Client Viewing & Reporting: ReadyCOLLECT will give community specific view-only access to community board members, allowing them to see the status of any of their collections. It also allows them to view reports deemed as public reports by your firm. This also allows the designated association managers to view collections status on their schedule which will also reduce the number of phone calls and questions coming into your office. Better communication with fewer calls.

Management Software Interface: ReadyCOLLECT interfaces seamlessly with TOPS Condo/HOA Management Software allowing address and balance information to be shared between applications. This greatly reduces the time and key entry errors associated with faxing and re-keying balance information.

Automation of letter generation and fee posting: ReadyCOLLECT utilizes a built in document manager that allows your firm to update saved firm documents as well as giving your firm the ability to upload additional firm documents. As letters are generated, any charges associated with that letter are automatically posted to the ReadyCOLLECT balance detail.

Scheduling: System automatically schedules collection events via our collection tables. Our collection tables are tailor made for your firm's collection sequences. Reminders ensure steps are not missed and money and fees flowing through the collection systems are not lost!

ReadyCOLLECT: Brings the Attorney, Association Manager, and Community Board Member together by revolutionizing the process of collecting delinquent community association assessments, and covenant violations.


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