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ReadyCOLLECT by AssociationREADY

A better way to manage the process of collecting delinquent association dues.

Currently the collections process involves Community Association Board Members, Association Management Companies, and Attorneys. The information required to manage the collections process is scattered across multiple computers systems, multiple offices, and faxed or emailed from office to office creating both security issues as well as data integrity issues.

ReadyCOLLECT Service

With no centralization, there is no easy way to communicate the status of a collection actions and no way to analyze the data to ensure steps are not being skipped. Firms even have difficulty accounting for the money and fees flowing through the collection systems.

Adding insult to injury, Association Management Companies and Attorneys have to utilize large amounts of staff and time...increasing operating costs.

ReadyCOLLECT: Brings the Attorney, Association Manager, and Community Board Member together by revolutionizing the process of collecting delinquent community association assessments.

ReadyCOLLECT: Will increase customer service through better communication, reduce operating costs as a result of system integration and automation, and centralize data for better reporting and decision making.

ReadyCOLLECT: Will help you convert a labor intensive part of your business into an efficient, value-added system.

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