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October 29 - 30, 2020 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

Take Control Of Your Collection & Violation Processes with the RC2 Application! RC2, Powered by ReadyCOLLECT - A better way to manage the process of collecting delinquent association dues by giving the attorney, management companies, law firms and board members the opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Your complete online solution.

Why Your Law Firm Needs ReadyCOLLECT
Your Complete Online Solution

RC2, Powered by ReadyCOLLECT

ReadyCOLLECT, is a web-based case management collection & covenant violation application that offers attorneys and law firms in the HOA industry a modern and flexible collection solution. RC2 provides powerful document generation, customized workflows, tracking for all legal documents, and ledger functionality to manage costs and fees all from your home office 24/7.

We Offer Real Solutions for working remotely with Intelligent design & features at your fingertips from anywhere.

  • Cloud-based 24/7 real time reporting
  • Custom work flow to organize daily tasks
  • Automated document generator & processing
  • Auto reminders of upcoming events and tasks
  • Cost tracking through multiple ledgers
  • Multiple Permission Levels and not seat limits
  • Centralized document storage
  • Automatic event scheduling
  • Automatic charge postings
  • One-click Certified Mail available
  • Client Communications Portal
  • ReadyPAY Payment Portal


READY TO GET STARTED? It’s one thing to talk about what our software does, how much time & money it can save your law firm, but we all know seeing is believing. Request a FREE, no obligation demo, so you can see for yourself how our solution can convert a time-consuming process into an efficient valued added service. Just a few questions to get you on your way to a better case management software solution