ReadyRESALE for Law Firms

Processing Payoff requests has never been easier with ReadyRESALE

Estoppels/Payoff Requests are sold through your website, processed using the ReadyRESALE Application and delivered to the client in an expeditious manner.

  • Seamlessly integrates into your firm's website...appearing as an added service of your firm.
  • Your fees are collected up front. You are not burdened with a pending request unless payment has been received.
  • Allows title companies, lenders, and real estate agents to request necessary documentation required for property closing or refinancing in a secure online environment.
  • Automates the process of document preparation, creating a more efficient, streamlined approach to document delivery.
  • Electronically notifies you when there is a document pending approval.
  • Reduces overhead costs by automating the back office process and freeing up the valuable time of your employees. ReadyRESALE provides unparalleled flexibility and automation while retaining complete control of the process.
  • AssociationREADY supplies customer service and technical support for ReadyRESALE customers by providing our contact information. Questions are directed to our staff instead of yours!
  • No set-up or maintenance fees. Document purchaser pays our fee making our service FREE to your firm.

Michael Rome, Esq., Rome & Associates, PC, Atlanta, GA

"Not only has ReadyRESALE saved us the salary equivalent of at least half a staff member, but it has taken a challenging process and removed the stress and frustration."

Additional Value Added Features

Specialized ervices, prodcuts and solutions offered to ReadyCOLLECT clients that can cut down on time consuming task, speed up production and help tunr your processes into profits.

ReadyDOCS for ReadyRESALE CLients


ReadyDocs allows residents to purchase community information and governing documents in a secure environment and can be delivered either as a stand alone offering, or custom tailored to be offered transparently through an existing HOA or Property Management website. With ReadyDOCS, your communities will be able to sell their community documents directly from the website and generate additional revenue by doing so!

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ReadyRESALE for Law Firms

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