Pricing Information Check Sheet

Thank you for choosing to sign up with AssociationREADY. The below information will be used to compile the pricing for your resale documents.

Please note that all prices you provide will be what the document is listed at. AssociationREADY fees will be taken out of that price. If you have any questions please contact Support or call us at 888-497-8832.

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Please Note: The prices below need to be for the individual document.

Resale Packages

If you choose, you can package your estoppel/resale letter with your governing documents to create a Resale Package. The benefit of a Resale Package is that it guarantees the customer purchases all of the necessary documentation required for closing. View the Pricing a Package Example A resale package will always contain an estoppel and governing documents but you may add the lender questionnaire if you like. Please make sure to note below whether you would like the lender questionnaire included or not..

Resale package can have a disclosure AND/OR Lender Questionnaire AND/OR Governing Documents,.

Governing Documents

You can sell your governing documents either individually or as a package. You can create as many different packages as you like. Please note below whether you will be selling the documents individually and/or as a package. If they are packaged, please list the name of the package and which documents will be included in the package.

If you additonal Packages simply refresh the page and enter additional info or contact us for additional support.

Rush Fees

This only applies to Resale Documents and Resale Packages.

This document is proprietary and confidential. No part of this document may be disclosed in any manner to a third party without the prior written consent of AssociationREADY LLC.