Digital Toolbox for the HOA Industry

Digital Toolbox for the HOA Industry

AssociationREADY offers cloud-based software solutions for the HOA industry that can make working from home as easy as being in the office. We offer a suite of applications and services designed for the HOA industry and the clients & communities they serve.


Since 2008 AssociationREADY has been providing the best software solutions for managing your community’s resale & closing documents, HOA collections & covenant violations and information processing for managed communities by allowing you to grow your business without increasing your costs.

Now more than ever home-based solutions for the home office are more important to keeping your business healthy, working and with as little disruption as possible, keeping your office, staff and clients in contact with one another. AssociationREADY is here and ready to meet the demands of the new "home office" with a suite of digital tools that can serve your office, your staff and the communities they manage. We can offer completely web-based software applications for property management companies, HOA’s, real estate lenders, HOA attorneys & law firms so no matter where you find yourself the control is at your fingertips.

Scroll down to learn more about our digital tools and added value services that can serve your office and communities best - featuring ReadyCOLLECT and ReadyRESALE.

ReadyCOLLECT HOA Collections Software


Collection Software for HOA Attorneys and Law Firms

HOA Attorneys and their law firms can take control over the collections process with our ReadyCOLLECT collections & enforcement software application RC2. Whether your an attorney or a law firm looking to expand you need a collection application that works with you and your staff, from the office or at home, that is highly configurable, proven and reliable. The RC2 platform is your complete solution.

ReadyCOLLECT provides a better way to manage the process of collecting delinquent association dues and managing covenant violations through powerful document generation, customized workflows, tracking for all legal documents, online manager approvals, costs & fees and so much more.

To stay on top of your case management, be it in the office or on the go, we have developed a powerful online system that is easy to use and features beyond compare such as:

  • Cloud-based 24/7 real time reporting
  • Custom workflow to organize daily tasks
  • Online manager approvals
  • Automated document generator & processing
  • Auto reminders of upcoming events and tasks
  • Cost tracking through multiple ledgers
  • Multiple user permission levels & no seat limits
  • Centralized document storage
  • Automatic event scheduling
  • Multiple Ledger creation
  • Automatic charge postings
  • One-click Certified Mail available
  • Client Communication Portal

Secure Cloud Access 24/7

ReadyCOLLECT provides access to collections information for multiple users with no specific hardware, software or license requirements. ReadyCOLLECT encrypts and protects your data and uses role-based security to insure only the people you give access to will be allowed into the system. ReadyCOLLECT is available anywhere you have an internet connection.

So, you might ask yourself, "Why does my law firm need this software?"

The answer is simple, RC2 will enable you to manage all aspects of debt collection case management in one cloud-based application from your law office or from the comfort and safety of your home. RC2 can help your office by consolidating, organizing, and streamlining your debt collection process in our application with 24/7 access. The better question to ask yourself is "Why not ReadyCOLLECT?". Learn more about ReadyCOLLECT and schedule your FREE DEMO of this software in action.


Web-based Document Automation Management Software for Management Companies, Condos, HOA, POA, Community Associations and Co-Ops.

With a click of button, ReadyRESALE enables property management companies, title companies, lenders, and real estate agents to request necessary documentation required for a resale packages, property closing or refinancing in a secure online environment. Our flexible software can help your office streamline your document delivery needs and save your staff time while providing your business with an additional revenue stream.

Our service provides unparalleled flexibility and automation while retaining complete control of the document management process - with no set-up or maintenance fees! We can help increase workplace efficiency and increase your document ordering, preparing and delivery effectiveness.

Paperwork, endless amounts of paperwork relating to resale packages, governing documents, lender questionnaires and estoppels can bog down an office and your staff. In the current work environment, the document preparation process is made even harder with staff and employees working from home. With ReadyRESALE

Take your productivity to the next level with ReadyRESALE with the advantages of being able to:

  • Organize multiple association documents into a one-stop resource for all your communities
  • Purchasing documents has never been easier. Buyers can choose from multiple payment options directly online, through your company’s website.
  • Customized documents with our pre-loaded certificates and questionnaires.
  • Documents can be marked using our Expiration Date feature.
  • Resale packages, questionnaires and other forms of escrow related demands are easy to complete and send to the buyer.
  • Transactions are easily tracked and recorded for all of your accounting needs!
  • Your Revenue Dashboard makes it easy to track incoming document revenue.
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Multi-Company Visibility
  • Tier Rush Fees
  • Multiple Permission Levels
  • Partner Integration with companies like TOPS & CINC Systems
  • Enhanced Security
  • FREE, no set up or maintenance fees

Learn more about ReadyRESALE and schedule a personalize FREE demo to personally see this software in action.

ReadyRESALE Web Based Document Automation Software for Management Companies

Added Value Services

Additional added value services such as Community Access Control, ReadyPAY or CertMAIL integration only help to the resources your office will have at its fingertips.

CertMAIL Certified Mail Option


Use ReadyCOLLECT's automated certified letter fulfillment process to cut your costs and have the ability to be processed with a push of a button from your home office. Track all your letters with speed and accuracy. All receipt numbers and PDF signatures are stored right in the ReadyCOLLECT platform for easy access. Save office staff time but reducing the time required to prepare USPS Certified Mail and eliminating travel to the Post Office.

Learn more about CertMAIL

Community Access Control Service

Access Control Items

The ReadyRESALE application gives your company or association the ability to sell access control devices such as; pool passes, parking permits, boat registrations, club house rentals and gate clickers in a secure online environment. With our fast and flexible ordering software, your clients can find their community, select the access item they need and pay directly online with a credit card or e-check. Non-printable items can be paid for up-front and then collected at your office to expedite delivery!

Learn more about Access Control

ReadyPAY Payment Service


Get paid faster with ReadyPAY 3rd party integrated solution. ReadyPAY allows law firms and attorneys to collect payment from debtors online through their website.

Learn more about ReadyPAY

Our Support Team

Connect with Your Support Team digitally.

You can rely on our web based HOA software applications with 24/7 access to your accounts, from anywhere! With our knowledgeable support team and helpful website, most activities are self-serve and can be completed without leaving your home or having to call. We are always ready to assist if you need to speak with a support representative. Feel free to email our Support Team at or submit a support case here.

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Since 2008 AssociationREADY's online software solutions help simplify the way your company does business

By automating the many time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on building your business. We have created web-based software for Management Companies, Associations, HOA Attorney and Law Firms that organize, consolidates, and streamlines daily business critical tasks. All AssociationREADY services are transactional priced with no software, integration, or license costs. Contact AssociationREADY and find out how you can grow your business without increasing your costs.

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