ReadyCOLLECT by AssociationREADY

A better way to manage the process of collecting delinquent association dues and managing covenant violations.

The Collection Process

Currently the collection process involves Community Association Board Members, Association Management Companies, and Attorneys. The information required to manage the collections process is scattered across multiple computer systems, multiple offices, and faxed or emailed from office to office creating both security issues as well as data integrity issues.

With no centralization, there is no easy way to communicate the status of a collection case and no way to analyze the data to ensure steps are not being skipped. Firms even have difficulty accounting for the money and fees flowing through the collection systems.

Adding insult to injury, Association Management Companies and Attorneys have to utilize large amounts of staff and time...increasing operating costs.

The ReadyCOLLECT Solution

Consolidate, organize & streamline your collections & covenant violation processes. Our use of technology and streamlining efficiencies are crucial to stay ahead of competition. AssociationREADY is eager to help get your firm to the top. We have developed a powerful online system that is proven, reliable and easy to use and surprisingly affordable.

  • Work flows customized for your law firm
  • Instant access for Property Managers & Board Members for real time information
  • Integration with industry leading management company software
  • Custom Reporting for Law Firms and Clients
  • Secure, Cloud-based 24/7 real time reporting
  • Custom work flow to organize daily tasks
  • Automated document generator & processing
  • Auto reminders of upcoming events and tasks
  • Cost tracking through multiple ledgers
  • Online Manager Approval
  • Multiple Permission Levels and not seat limits
  • Centralized document storage
  • Automatic event scheduling
  • Automatic charge postings
  • One-click Certified Mail available
  • Client Communications Portal
  • Knowledge Base
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Additional Value Added Features

Specialized services, products and solutions offered to ReadyCOLLECT clients that can cut down on time consuming tasks, speed up production and help turn your processes into profits.

CertMAIL Feature for ReadyCOLLECT Clients


ReadyCollect wants to help today's firms work smarter and find improved efficiencies. CertMAIL helps cut costs and lighten staff workloads using ReadyCollect's automated certified letter fulfillment process.

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