ReadyCOLLECT Wants to Help Today's Firms Work Smarter and Find Improved Efficiencies by Offering CertMail!

Cut costs and lighten staff workloads using ReadyCOLLECT's automated certified letter fulfillment process.

This process can improve communication and thousands of important certified mail letters can be processed with speed and accuracy daily. Each mailing will provide in-route letter tracking to track letter delivery. Those old fashioned green cards can easily get lost and they are also difficult to file and store. ReadyCOLLECT provides electronic receipt numbers and pdf signatures. This method is more efficient, green, and saves both the paralegals, administrative workers, and firms service time and money.

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It takes the USPS 3 to 7 business days to deliver your certified mail unless you send it priority mail which then takes 2 or 3 days of service. Save Time, Energy, and Money using CertMAIL.

Save Money & Time

Save substantially on non-postage expenses by reducing the time required to prepare USPS Certified Mail and travel to the Post Office. Also, save on time and energy by only having to push a button to send your certified letters. As well as, getting automatic status updates on your certified mail when you are logged into a case in ReadyCOLLECT.

You'll also save by:

  • Reducing the need for postage meter supplies and maintenance.
  • Tracking precise USPS Certified Mail costs and billing them back to clients, where appropriate.
  • Speeding procedures that relate to your use of USPS Certified Mail.
  • More time spent on actual case work because of never having to stuff, lick and stamp certified letters again.

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ReadyCOLLECT is a web-based collection & covenant violation software for Law Firms and Attorneys in the HOA industry. Our proven & reliable system is a better way to manage the process of collecting delinquent association dues and managing covenant violations.

From small private law practices to large law firms, our highly configurable solution provides powerful document generation, customized workflow, and tracking for all legal documents, costs and fees. Increase the productivity of your law firm today by using the RC2 ReadyCOLLECT Software solution. Learn more here.


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