Document Automation Has Evolved.

And so should your software. Introducing the RR2, Powered by ReadyRESALE, document automation application designed for Mangement Companies & Community Associations.

ReadyRESALE Document Automation Software
About ReadyRESALE

ReadyRESALE enables title companies, lenders, and real estate agents to request necessary documentation required for a property closing or refinancing in a secure online environment.

Our service provides unparalleled flexibility and automation while retaining complete control of the document management process - with no set-up or maintenance fees. Processing closing documentation has never been easier with ReadyRESALE.

Our Software

Who is ReadyRESALE designed for?

Our software is built to serve Property Management Companies, Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, Co-Ops, and Property Owner Associations. Accounting professionals, Board Members and staff members working for these companies can enjoy an easy-to-use, organized and streamlined service to assist with completing resale and closing document requests. Regardless of existing processes, affiliating ReadyRESALE into your business will free up time for staff and provide a more professional and accurate document process.

If you are still toiling away with endless amounts of paperwork relating to resale packages, governing documents and other time-consuming processes. The RR2 Document Automation Software Application can help you take control of all your community documents in one application.

Document requests, such as Resale Packages, Disclosure Letters, Escrow Demands, Lender Questionnaires, and all Governing Documents are sold through your website, processed using the ReadyRESALE application and delivered to the client in an expeditious manner. Processing closing documentation has never been easier with ReadyRESALE.

Web Based Document Automation by ReadyRESALE
RR2 Powered by ReadyRESALE Documet Automation Software Application

Take control over all your community documents, save time & money with our powerful and flexible application.

Here are a few of our most popular features accessible with ReadyRESALE.

  • Mobile browsing optimization
  • Enhanced Security
  • Multi-Company Visibility
  • Tier Pricing
  • Capped Document Fees
  • Multiple Permission Levels
  • Electronic delivery
  • Customized documents
  • Document Expiration Feature
  • Tier RUSH fee options
  • Flexible payment options
  • Revenue and metrics dashboard
  • Customizable requestor information section
  • Order notifications
  • Shipment tracking
  • Allow the purchase of Community Access Control Items such as; pool passes, gate clickers, visitor passes, parking permits
  • Integration with industry leading accounting software such as Enumerate, Vantaca, CINC Systems, Caliber, VMS.

Designed for Excellence

Tiered Pricing

Rush Fee tiered by delivery date and lender questionnaire pricing by number of questions.

Multi-Company Visibility

Manage muti-company data with single login and track sales by individual companies.

Revenue Dashboard

Track your document revenue. You no longer have to wonder as you can track all your documents in real-time.

Tier Rush Fees

Give your customer the flexibility they need and the control you want with various levels of rush fees.

Partner Integration

Integration with leading industry software such as TOPS, CINC Systems, Caliber & VMS.

Enhanced Security

User authentication for company & purchasers, permissions levels, and IP restrictions for secure company data.


Your complete online solution to document automation.

Say goodbye to manual processes that slow your company's growth. With RR2, Powered by ReadyRESALE use of an intelligent learning database we can automate the questionnaire process ensuring a fast, consistent outcome every time. No matter how large or small your company or association is, our comprehensive software allows our users to drill down on just the documents they need quickly and easily on any device.


Speed & Accuracy

Your HOA or property management company can greatly reduce risks by removing the human element from processes that are prone to mistakes. Entering the correct contact information or selecting the correct version of documents that must be included and distributed appropriately can be completely automated.

Improve Engagement

Notify customers & clients when documents are requested or approved. The ReadyRESALE Software solution can help you streamline notifications to let you know to take certain actions regarding your document requests. Documents can be marked using our Expiration Date feature to keep all of your documents up to date.

Unlimited Support

ReadyRESALE customer and tech support is always free of charge so use it as much as you need! We are here to make your job easier and your company more profitable. We encourage you and your customers to reach out to us at any time for a quick response with a live operator.


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ReadyRESALE Document Automation Software


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