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AssociationREADY carefully partners with the industry leaders in their respective areas such as resale & closing Documents, community & HOA collections and document processing. Read all about our partners and how they can help you run a more effective & efficient property management company, association or law firm.

Enumerate Property Management Software (formerly TOPS Accounting Software)

At Enumerate our community management software and services are designed to handle one simple thing: everything. We elevate one goal above all others: to make your life easier. From accounting & payments to operations management, reporting & analytics, workflows, and more, Enumerate Central is the robust and fully customizable accounting engine that automates routine processes, provides a secure way for homeowners to make payments, and integrates with over 10,000 banks. Resident Engagement has never been easier (or more powerful) than with Enumerate Engage. Manage requests, provide multi-channel communications, community websites, portals, feeds, group pages, a mobile app and so much more.

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Vantaca Community Management

Vantaca Community Management

Vantaca Community Management Software is a comprehensive solution tailored for the Homeowners Association (HOA) industry, designed to streamline, and enhance various aspects of community management. Vantaca offers a centralized platform for document management. It allows HOAs to store and organize essential documents securely, reducing the risk of information loss and ensuring easy access for authorized personnel. As a specialist in marketing, having organized and accessible information is invaluable for creating targeted and relevant content for your audience.

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FRONTSTEPS Association Management

FRONTSTEPS Association Management

FRONTSTEPS is an integrated software platform that specializes in community management solutions and is a prominent player in the software solutions arena, particularly catering to the needs of the Homeowners Association (HOA) industry. With a focus on innovation and seamless integration, FRONTSTEPS offers a wide range of cutting-edge features and services to enhance the management of residential communities. Specializing in creating innovative solutions, FRONTSTEPS offers a comprehensive suite of software applications tailored to meet the unique demands of the HOA industry. The company's software applications cover a wide range of functions essential for efficient HOA management. From communication platforms that facilitate seamless interaction among community members to robust financial tools ensuring transparent and accountable financial operations, FRONTSTEPS addresses the diverse needs of homeowners' associations.


The Community Associations Institute (CAI)

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national organization dedicated to fostering efficient, progressive, and vibrant community associations. For over 30 years, CAI has been the leader in providing education and resources to volunteers in Community Associations, Homeowner Associations, and Condo Associations nationwide. CAI has thousands of members in national and regional chapters including community association volunteer leaders, professional managers, community & Association Management firms, Board Members, and other professionals and companies that provide products and services to associations.

CAI provides books, seminars, workshops, research, continuing education and periodicals, including "Common Ground" magazine and specialized newsletters on community association management, governance, and law to its members. CAI also advocates for legislative and regulatory policies that support responsible governance and effective Community Association Management.

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CINC Systems

CINC provides online, integrated property management and accounting software to the community association industry. We designed all of our products, from pure management and accounting to integrated accounting and banking, to work for you. These products are available fully integrated together as you grow or individually to suit your current needs. Because they are all from the same source, you can add new products as your company needs change, without buying a whole new system. Together with CINC Systems, ReadyRESALE will be seamless integrated allowing your estoppel letters, resale disclosures, escrow demands and paid assessment letters to be automated with a click of a button. The same accounting data housed within CINC will auto-fill into your resale documents for easier and swifter completion.

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Caliber Software by Frontsteps

Caliber Software by Frontsteps is the premier solution for HOA accounting and property management, offering advanced technology, unparalleled support, and seamless data management. Caliber is an accounting software product with fully integrated property management features. It offers AP, AR, GL, cash, accrual, and modified accrual-basis, compliance, maintenance, architectural, delinquency and more. Built on Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology, it is the most advanced system of its kind with a unique dashboard and toolbox system that makes learning and using Caliber easy and intuitive. Products also include Caliber Portal, Mobile and Anywhere solutions. Read the Press Release

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ACAM Mindshare Conference

ACAM-CEO MindShare is an annual networking and leadership experience organized and managed by peer community management company proprietors and senior executives. Participants will review and discuss industry tools and services, as well as the governing principles that are the foundation of all successful enterprises. This experience will inspire your confidence, courage and the principles necessary to organize, implement and execute a successful community management company.

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