We can make your management company better than ever with the ReadyRESALE Web-Based Software Application.

ReadyRESALE is automated resale document delivery system for the HOA industry. Your clients can request Resale Packages or individual resale and governing documents required for property closing or refinancing with no setup or maintenance Fees! ReadyRESALE allows title companies, lenders, and real estate agents to request necessary documentation required for a property closing or refinancing in a secure online environment. This service provides unparalleled flexibility and automation while retaining complete control of the process - with no set-up or maintenance fees!

ReadyRESALE Application on Tablet

The Application Features:

  • Mobile browsing optimization
  • Browser compatibility
  • Tiered rushes
  • Flexible/Customizable payment options
  • Customizable requestor information section
  • Order messaging and replies
  • Document Expiration Feature
  • Order status tracking
  • Simplified user interface
  • Integration with industry leading software such as TOPS, Caliber and VMS


Homeowners associations, property & management companies face the same challenges that any other office faces such as time management, budget and the right software for the job. Here are some common problems every office runs into and how ReadYRESALE can help solved them.

Phone calls, emails and fax requests for documents consume my day!

AssociationREADY handles all of your customer service needs with our dedicated ReadyRESALE support team! Let us take care of these inquiries so you can focus your attention on growing and streamlining your business goals.

Pain Point Issue Phones Calls, Emails, etc
Pain Point Money and checks

We can only accept paper checks for document orders and need to visit the bank to deposit them!

With our multiple payment options, the ReadyRESALE service allows your company to accept credit card payments, e-checks as well as paper checks all on a secured, online environment! What’s more, AssociationREADY consolidates these various payments into a one-lump-sum and automatically deposits your funds into an account of your choice every month...on time!

Filling out pages and pages of condo and lender questionnaires seem to be never-ending and challenging to complete!

AssociationREADY understands how labor-intensive and frustrating completing questionnaires can be. Most financial institutions have numerous and various types of questionnaires that require a full spectrum of answers to fulfill. Relieve your stress with our automated learning database! Our intuitive ReadyRESALE software remembers and stores association-specific answers stated on previous questionnaires! No matter which lender form is requested, no matter which institution requests the form, the ReadyRESALE service helps fill in answers for an easier, more streamlined and automated resale document process.

Pain Point Drowning in Paperwork
Access Control Made Easy with ReadyRESALE

Mailing Parking and Pool Passes is too much work and takes days in the mail!

With our easy-to-use and incredibly fast software, ReadyRESALE Access Control service gives you the ability to offer Pool Passes, Gate or Garage Clickers, Parking Passes or other association items through your company’s website. Purchasers pay for the item and then are granted access the same day! Let ReadyRESALE ease your workload and provide outstanding customer service so you can focus on growing your business and making the back office more efficient.

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"Not only has ReadyRESALE saved us the salary equivalent of at least half a staff member, but it has taken a challenging process and removed the stress and frustration."

Michael Rome, ESQ.,
Rome & Associates PC, Atlanta, GA