Debt Collection Software

Introducing RC2, Powered by ReadyCOLLECT Debt Collection Software. A modern & flexible covenant & assessment software system for Law Firms & Management Companies.

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The value of RC2 is clear

ReadyCOLLECT is a web-based application designed for law firms, attorneys, and management companies. Our clients have improved the efficiency of their assessment collection practices through our custom work flows, batch processing, Outlook integration, real time case info, multiple ledgers, letter automation, custom collection tables and more!

ReadyCOLLECT handles all aspects of case management. It can centralize data for better reporting and decision making. It can also help you convert a labor-intensive part of your business into an efficient, value-added system that reduces your operating costs. Our software will keep you organized and your board members happy. Affordable. Scalable. Simple.

Our cloud-based solution offers you:

  • Cloud-based 24/7 real time reporting
  • Custom work flow to organize daily tasks
  • Automated document generator & processing
  • Auto reminders of upcoming events and tasks
  • Cost tracking through multiple ledgers
  • Multiple Permission Levels and not seat limits
  • Centralized document storage
  • Automatic event scheduling
  • Automatic charge postings
  • One-click Certified Mail available

Cloud Access
Securely access, edit, and manage your collections from any computer or device. No need to install any software, license keys or keep up with updates. Combine multiple locations into one system.

Intuitive Interface
You shouldn't need an instruction manual to use your collection software. ReadyCOLLECT's clean and modern interface is intuitive, responsive, simple to use, and works across multiple browsers and is mobile friendly.

Debt Collection Software
Why Your Office Needs ReadyCOLLECT

Why does my law firm or management company need this software?

Simple, RC2 will enable you to manage all aspects of debt collection case management in one cloud-based application. Law firms, attorneys and management companies face the same challenges that any other office faces such as time management, budget and the right software for the job. RC2 can help your office by consolidating, organizing and streamlining your debt collection process in our application with 24/7 access.

Using today’s technology to help streamline your processes is crucial to stay ahead of your competition - we have developed a powerful online system that is proven, reliable and easy to use for any size office or company. The better question to ask yourself is "Why not ReadyCOLLECT?"

Is it easy to set up & what are the costs?

Cost is very affordable and based on number of cases managed. Set up is easy and we are with you every step of the way with our dedicated Support Team.

Be Home. Be Safe.
Be Ready.

Take Control of Your Debt Collection Process with the RC2 ReadyCOLLECT Application!



It’s one thing to talk about what our software does, but we all know seeing is believing. Request a FREE, no obligation demo of the ReadyCOLLECT Debt Collection Software today, your complete online solution!