Resale and Closing Document Automation Software for Property Management Companies

A better document control solution for property management companies and their clients. Property management companies generate vast quantities of information & data in the form of paperwork, emails, PDF’s, resale and closing documentation.

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A streamlined workflow for information capture, storage, retrieve and share system helps to manage all critical aspects, from community specific documents, resale packages, estoppels and regulatory compliance.

ReadyRESALE's automated resale and closing document software for property management companies allows staff to focus on their roles and important tasks rather than waste time looking for or entering redundant information and being buried in low-level admin work which cost time and money.

Our applications can generate at a glance historical and current accounting activity, and create comprehensive reports on actions, dates and documentation.

  • Community associations, HOA and board members receive more streamlined service
  • Staff work more efficiently & cost effectively
  • Compliance is simpler to manage
  • Data is managed properly & securely
  • Utilized by thousands of title Companies, lenders and closing attorneys
  • Seamlessly integrates into your passwords needed
  • Quick setup...hands on implementations
  • Instant email order notifications
  • We handle the front line of customer service calls!
  • Sell more than just documents...pool keys, gate clickers, parking passes, etc. are purchasable as well!

ReadyRESALE is your one-stop solution for all your community specific resale and closing documents!

If your office is buried in paperwork and outdated processes ReadyRESALE can help you take back control over this process and create an additional revenue stream at the same time. Save time and resources and make money with a click of a button.

How is ReadyRESALE Used for Property Management

How is ReadyRESALE Used for Property Management?

ReadyRESALE enables title companies, closing attorneys and real estate agents to request necessary documentation required for a resale package, property closing or refinancing in a secure online environment. Our web-based application provides unparalleled flexibility and automation for property management companies while retaining complete control of the document management process including:

  • Resale Document Packages
  • Closing and Refinance Documentation
  • Governing Documents and Covenant Violations
  • Estoppels
  • Lender and Condo Questionnaires
  • Pay Off Letters
  • Escrow Demands
  • Resale Certificates
  • Statements of Account
  • Disclosure Notices
  • And More!
ReadyRESALE, a better solution for the modern office

Better Solutions for the Modern Office

This automated service is specifically tailored to property management companies in the HOA industry to help ease the workload and create an additional revenue stream for the business. Many of our customers report a labor savings of up to 75% due to the automation the ReadyRESALE service provides.

  • ReadyRESALE integrates with leading HOA accounting software programs such as TOPS Condo/HOA Management Software, CINC Systems, Vantaca and Caliber.
  • Our applications also can be used to offer Access Control Items, such as pool keys, gate clickers, parking permits, visitor passes, etc.
  • Documents can be marked using our Expiration Date Feature to keep all of the documents up to date for your customers and be notifies property management companies via email when it is time to replace documents with the latest version available.
  • Customize community document packages and have pre-loaded certificates and questionnaires at your fingertips. Find out how we customize not only your documents, but your needs as well.
  • ReadyRESALE integrates with your existing website, documents can be accessed online, 24/7. Get paid up-front and vend your documents with a click of a button!
  • Our Revenue Dashboard makes it easy to track document sales and income, types of documents that are ordered, time-frames and due dates on one screen.

Increase Profits and Efficiency by Digitizing Your Paperwork. From the office to the home office ReadyRESALE makes it easier than ever to take back control over your outdated processes and help your property management company digitize and automate your business practices.

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