ReadyDOCS by ReadyRESALE

ReadyDOCS, offered through the ReadyRESALE cloud-based application, enables HOA's, Condominiums, Co-Ops, Gated Communities and Property Managers to sell community documents & access control items to residents without tying up valuable time and resources.

With ReadyDOCS, your communities will be able to sell their community documents directly from their website and generate additional revenue by doing so. Buyers can use a credit card and get the documents electronically delivered or printed and shipped to their door.

ReadyDOCS Community Document and Access Control Items Vending Application for HOA and Managment Companies

The ReadyDOCS service is advantageous in many ways and the best part is, it is FREE! We upload the documents (ex: bylaws, CC&R's, budgets, etc.), collect the fees from the buyer, and deliver the documents. At the end of each month, ReadyRESALE will issue your community a reimbursement check for every document purchased. It is that simple!

From the office or the home office ReadyDOCS can help cut costs, save valuable time and staff resources and at the same time add an additional revenue stream.


ReadyDOCS allows residents to purchase community specific documents in a safe, secure environment and can be delivered either as a stand alone offering, or custom tailored to be offered transparently through an existing HOA or Property Management website.

ReadyDocs can be bring value to your:
  • Property Management Companies
  • Association or Community Management Groups
  • CO-OPS
  • Condo Associations
  • Residents
  • Board Members
Seel Your Community Access Items Through ReadyRESALE


Want to generate additional revenue? In addition to selling your community documents, ReadyDOCS gives your company the ability to sell access control items and devices.

Order Items Such As:

  • Pool Passes
  • Gate Passes
  • Garage Clickers
  • Parking Passes
  • Boat Registrations
  • Club House Rental

Take online payments for boat, golf and club house reservations as well. Purchasers pay for the item or reservation and then are instantly granted access and confirmation the same day! Offer ANY document whether it be a copy of the association’s budget, meeting minutes or insurance certificate for sale through your ReadyRESALE service.

With our easy-to-use and incredibly fast software, ReadyRESALE makes ordering these community items reliably quick and easy for the owners to access and pay for, right through your company’s website.

We are here to help you organize, streamline and grow your business.

ReadyRESALE Document Automation Software

Not signed up yet? Need to schedule a demo of the ReadyRESALE Application and how ReadyDOCS can help your company or association schdeule a demo today or call 1-888-497-8832 and get registered for ReadyDOCS. Let AssociationREADY help you manage your residential community communications.


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