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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our ReadyRESALE software application.

We also have a Support page where you can submit any questions to our LIVE Support Team. Visit the Support page. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the Contact Us page.

NOTE: If you are submitting Lender Questionnaires or have questions about these particular set of documents please email us or the files to


ReadyRESALE enables property management companies, title companies, real estate agents, condo & HOA associations and their residents to request or purchase necessary documentation required for a resale package, property closing or refinancing or specific community documents such as Governing Documents, Rules & Regulations, Articles of Incorporation, etc. in a secure online environment. All HOA and community documents are stored in a fully centralized, searchable, web-based repository. ReadyRESALE automates estoppel or questionnaire drafting using an intelligent learning database to ensure a fast, consistent outcome every time. Learn more about the software by clicking here.

If you are a client of ReadyRESALE you can login by visiting the RR2 Login Page.


A resale package is a packet of vital information provided to those purchasing a condominium or a home in an association. The package almost always includes a statement of account on the subject property in addition to a complete set of recorded documents that govern your association. The Resale Package will vary from state to state. Typically, the documents included are: Resale Disclosure and Governing Documents (examples of Governing Documents include: Annual Financials, Articles of Incorporation, Budget, Bylaws, CC&Rs, Insurance Declaration Page, Regular Meeting Minutes, Resale Certificate/Demand, Reserve Report, Rules and Regulations). Some managing entities will also include a Lender Questionnaire of the customer's choosing with the purchase Resale Package. What is included in the package is, ultimately, determined by the managing entity. However, in all cases the ReadyRESALE Software will clearly label the contents that are included at the time of purchase.

ReadyRESALE provides a link to our software that can either be framed within the contents of your management company’s website, giving a seamless appearance, or you can have your customers link out to our site. Either way, the origin point of ordering for your customers starts on your website. This provides an easy point of origin for new orders in addition to providing a central location for multiple users to be able to return to for retrieving documents for existing orders.

To purchase a resale package, resale certificate, disclosure or estoppel letter, pay-off demand or statement of account, escrow demand or Dues Current Letter, please visit the property management company's website to place your online order. Be sure to enter in the specific property address into the "New Orders" section to locate the property related to your inquiry.

Follow the prompts by checking the box next to the document or package you would like to purchase and proceed to the checkout screen to complete your order. Once your order has been placed through the online ordering system, you will receive a confirmation email with details and instructions related to your order.

To place a new document order, please visit the property management company's website that manages the association you are inquiring about. From there, follow the prompts on their website to find the document ordering page and begin your new document order.

To check the status of an existing order, please locate your transaction code from your confirmation email. Visit the property management company's website where you originally placed the order and type in your transaction code into the "Existing Orders" section located on the screen. A status update will be displayed for you to view.

When using our automated ReadyRESALE service, you order is place into the property management company’s or community’s resale approval queue and a notification email is sent to the property manager instantly. The staff that have been designated to approve or deny resale request set their own turnaround time for document delivery. However, many property management companies and self-managed communities also offer RUSH delivery for documents needing expediting. Expect to pay an upcharge fee to RUSH deliver your documents if you need them within a few days’ time. Otherwise, typical approval turnaround times are between 5-10 days from that date ordered.


Questionnaires are categorized by the lending institutions that they originated from. For instance, if you are ordering a Fannie Mae 1076 questionnaire you would want to choose “Fannie Mae Forms I” from the drop-down menu and then the page will update to show the available forms for that lending institution. From the options available you can click on the name of any of the available forms to view a copy of what we have on file. If it looks like the form you have in-hand you can go ahead and order it by placing a check-box next to that specific form.

If, for any reason, you are unsure of which questionnaire to select you can always click on the “Send Email” button to remit a questionnaire enquiry to our staff. This will take you out of the ordering process while you await an email response from our support staff that will let you know either of the following: the exact instructions on how to order that form if we have a match or a notification to let you know that we will be adding it if we do not already have the form.

To purchase a new lender or condo questionnaire, please visit the property management company's website that manages the property. Locate the document ordering page to place a new order, type in the property address associated with your inquiry, select the lender questionnaire, and use the drop-down bar to select your lending institution.

From there, our pre-loaded questionnaires sourced from over 1,300 banking institutions nationwide will be available for you to choose which best fits your needs. If you cannot locate your specific questionnaire from the ordering page, please email your request to and be sure to include your name, contact information and details about the questionnaire that you're inquiring about. You can also attach a blank copy of the lender or condo questionnaire to the email if you are unable to find your specific copy in our system. A representative will follow up right away to confirm your submission.


Governing documents” is a generalized term that is used to refer to all of the documents that are used to regulate, control, and organize each individual HOA or Community Association. The original documents for the association or HOA including Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and CC&Rs or Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. To learn more about your HOA Governing Documents click here.

Homeowners or condo associations use a variety of governing documents to guide their operations. Depending on the size of a community and its location at times will determine the name used for these documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations, Governing Documents, Estoppels, Lender Questionnaires and Resale Packages. To learn more about your HOA Documents click here.


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